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Breathable Thermal Cover
Breathable MATPaC Cover.jpg

What is MATPaC® ?

The first and only Modified Atmosphere Controlled Thermal Pallet Cover. Which allows to protect temperature sensitive cargo such as pharma, persihable, chemical and extend shelf life of perishables additionaly.

High insulative and reflective capability provides extended thermal protection against temperature fluctuations, meanwhile, special material that allows passage of O2 prevents accumulation of harmful gases which cause early maturation in respiring commodities such as fresh vegetables, fruits, and cut flowers.


Special material allows breathability, thus, reduces condensation and moisture caused by moving to/from hot and cold environments. Secures cargo’s packaging and labelling integrity.


5 and 6 sided pallet covers of all protection layers are tested against direct sunlight and solar radition. Also tested in  conditioned chambers at (+) 40°C,  (-) 10°C temperatures and their potential performances are measured accordingly.

Single use breathable Temp-Ex Pallet Covers are available in ULD, Euro, US and Dusseldorf pallet sizes with variable height, and preferred in shipments of goods that are sensitive to temperature, harmful gas and humidity-sensitive air cargo shipments.


Thin and lightweight structure of the covers reduce loading and storage costs. WHO, IATA, GDP compliant.

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