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Isothermal bags are designed and produced depending on the client’s demand, nature of the goods to be carried and the needs of the supply chain. Bags, bags in box and other type of last mile logistic applications can be safely used for cut flower deliveries, pharmaceutical and laboratory shipments. WHO, IATA, GDP and UN CAT B compliant isothermal bag models can be divided into insulated/uninsulated sections in order to allow for carrying products with different storage requirements in a single bag.


Plasma, blood and vaccine bags are designed to ensure transfer in the desired temperature ranges with or without cooling plates. Different models can be specially designed, tested and manufactured according to the client’s needs, regardless of the quantity of the order.


Physical impact resistant special models allow delivery of temperature and light-sensitive goods such as wine. Together with Blulog light sensitive dataloggers helps to reveal inside the protection at any time showing temperature history of the delivery, when bag is opened during multi step deliveries and other important factors which will help quality assurance department to make clear decisions during receiving inspections.

Isothermal Bag
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